Dental Therapists are proven, safe and effective.

Since 2004 dental therapists have increased access to care for 45,000 Alaska Natives living in 80 rural communities. In Minnesota, dental therapists have been serving patients since 2011. In fact, dental therapists have been used in more than 50 countries for nearly 100 years.

Because dental therapy has been used in 54 countries since the 1920s, in Alaska since 2004 and in Minnesota since 2011, there is a great deal of evidence on it’s safety and effectiveness. A recent literature review of 1,100 studies and assessments on dental therapists indicates that they offer safe, effective dental care.

“As the dean of a dental school accredited by CODA, this is the most significant signal to me that the dental midlevel providers are safe, are meeting the needs of the public, and are sought after by dentists in the existing marketplace.”

– Bruce Donoff, MD,DMD
Dean of Harvard School of Dental Medicine

“The results of a variety of studies indicate that appropriately trained midlevel providers are capable of providing high-quality services, including irreversible procedures such as restorative care and dental extractions.”

– J. Timothy Wright, past president of the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs
Journal of the American Dental Association (January 2013)

Alaska’s innovative dental therapy program brings affordable, high-quality care to more than 45,000 Alaska Native children and families, and brings substantial economic benefit to communities.

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